Chimney repair cost

It's near impossible to quote chimney repair without actually seeing the job. Assembly of a statement as that may seem I can't tell you the amount of times people have called us and asked us about how much does chimney repair cost.
They're huge array of factors involved in repairing a chimney. Setting up scaffold is one of the first and most important factors to consider. It's very difficult to attempt to do masonry off of a ladder.  Scaffolding is an important piece of equipment necessary for repairing a chimney.
Another important factor to consider. Is the type and quantity of brick involved in the repair. Brick that were manufactured 80 years ago may involve a little more effort to match. Well many brick textures are common such as bark face vertical matt, shale or a rug  finish some brick have a specialty texture a cone or a worm or mineral pigment that has been added to the colored clay to dye the face of the brick this can also make it more tricky to match up brick. It's always a good idea to check out a sample of the brick be installed before it's become a part of your home
Texting or emailing pictures of the work to be performed and measurements for your masonry contractor  may give you a rough idea of where to start